How Delicious Food can Help You Lose Weight, Balance Your Hormones, and Defeat Depression.

Eat to Reverse the Effects of Aging, Drink to Rejuvenate your Vein and Arteries, and Be Happy to keep your Brain Sharp for your Golden Year.

Blues Busters, 15 foods to lift Your Spirit.

# 3 Snack on Sardine for a clear Mind. These little Fish are loaded with Vitamin B-12. Which help your body manufacture the chemical that help carry messages between your Nerves and Brain. You can suffer memory loss, depression, and other mood disorder when you don’t have enough B-12. Women with low level of B-12 are twice as likely to develop severe depression. A recent study found that one in four seriously depressed women were B-12 deficient. Just 3 or 4 ounces of a sardines will more than satisfy your daily vitamin B-12 requirement. You will also get protein, Omega-3 fatty acids,calcium and vitamin D.

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#4 Boost your Brain with Baked Potato. Folate and B-12 aren’t the only B vitamin you need to keep your mind working right. High rate of depression are also linked to a lack of vitamin B-6 and thiamine. B-6 help balance certain brain chemicals, keeping your emotions on an even keel, and thiamine help nerve signal travel from your brain to other parts of your body. A baked potato is an ideal way to get these important nutrients along with others like vitamin C, iron, folate, niacin and potassium. Potatoes are naturally low in sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Just don’t be tempted to load up with a lot of salt and rich toppings.

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Eat, Drink, and Be Happy. How Delicious Foods can help you lose Weight, Balance your Hormones, and defeat Depression. Eat to Reverse the effects of Aging, Drink to rejuvenate your Veins and Arteries! and be Happy to keep your Brain Sharp for your Golden Year!

Blue Busters, 15 Foods to lift your spirits

Eat to Reverse the effects of Aging, Drink to rejuvenate your Veins and Arteries! and be Happy to keep your Brain Sharp for your Golden Year!

Today i discover that folate pinto Bean is one of the food that can up lift your spirit and prevent one from depression.

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Experts know Depression get worse when you don’t have enough folate in your body, and your outlook is brighter when you get plenty of this important B Vitamin. A good way to keep your folate level up is to eat pinto beans, the most popular dried in the United states. They are among the best natural sources of sources of folate– a cup of pinto bean has almost 75 percent of the amount of what you need every day. This folate pinto beans also contain boosters — Magnesium and Thiamine.

2 Test tasty tips of Asparagus. Gardeners know one of the first signs of spring is the tender shoots of this delicious vegetable poking through the ground and this veggie bursts with folate as well. Scientist do not know the exactly why it help chase the blues away, but folate does help your body make serotonin, a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of Calmness and Contentment. Folate also work closely with vitamin B 12 to help you avoid Depression..

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What good is asparagus?1. It’s Loaded with Nutrients and Nutrition Benefits. Asparagus is a nutrient-packed vegetable. It is a very good source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as chromium, a trace mineral that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells.


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How to believe and why Believe

As Human being, we should believe in something GREATER, Something big than ourselves, something powerful than our own imagination, Allah( God) the Creator of universe and the fashioner and Designer of Human Form, deserve all our credit of everything we see around us and within ourselves.

Why Believe, One of the most important habits we can develop is the habit of Faith. Regardless of our religious or spiritual beliefs. If we can observer and reflect, and come to the conclusion that most Great men and women are people of FAITH, to a higher degree, and that is how and why their dreams and goals come to be possible, even when mediocrity people think is impossible for the to accomplish and achieve the possibility. Examples are the prophet Mohamed( S.A. W), Gandhi, Mandela and many other leaders of the past and present achieve things with faith in the MOST HIGH AND MOST GREATER.


The habit of FAITH simple requires that we believe there is a HIGHER POWER, above us in the universe and that THE ALMIGHTY, want the very beat for us all as Human beings. The more faith we have the more confidences we will have in everything that is happening to us is part of a plan moving us inevitably toward something better, and that is why it take a strong faith with true believers to see the impossible becoming possible. Believe it or not theย Unseen control the Seen.

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I grew up believing I was a good Listener. Although I have become a better listener than I was ten years ago. I have to admit I’m still only adequate Listener. As I grow up I realized that effective Listening is more than simply avoiding my annoying cousin, another thing I discover about the effective Listen is the bad habit of interrupting others while they are speaking or finishing their sentences . The entire thought of listening to someone and waiting patiently to find the content of of someone talk is something I cant not afford to understand fully or be contented with. For example , one day, when I was in a cafe having lunch, eavesdropping on the conversations around me. It seemed to me that, most of us have problem of how to communicate and listen effectively. Our attention span is becoming less and our distraction is increasing with technology. Due to that we are are having hard time listening to one another;


Since then I began to reflect and read more books about effective communication of how to slow down responses and become a better Listener, believe or not it made me to become more peaceful person as time goes by . I also notices that it takes an enormous amount of energy and is very stressful to be sitting in front of someone who I have no interesting in listen to, but I still do it out of respect for a fellow Human being.

In some ways, the way we fail to listen is a symbolic of the way we live. we often treat communication as if it were a race. It’s almost like our goal is to have no time gaps between the conclusion of the sentence of of the person we are speaking with and the beginning of our own. So let us try to change our Listen Habit so that other people can feel comfortable opening to us about anything that can be beneficial. By practicing good Listening habit people will feel safe in slowing down their own response because they wont feel in competition with you for airtime.

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Reflecting on Reflection

Indeed a manย  should reflect deeply over God’ s creation.

Even within a man physically and physiologically perfection is indeed a sign of Reflection of God constitutes without any blue print but rather from Divine Wisdom and Knowledge( Allah) All Wise, All knower of the seen and unseen .

A reflection should prompt every human being to show his / her genuine Gratitude, deep respect and real love to the One and Only Creator, ( Allah) His majesty, magnificent and Gracious Lord, who bless and create every human being in such a fashionable forms, perfect, upright and miraculous way of seeing light and knowing beauty from His inspiration.

Remember the True One ( God) and His action of management over all His creations. Reflect on His Mastership and Greatness.


So behold let a man considering his origin and what has become of him, for sure anyone who thinks and reflect develop his/ her foresight and Vision from the Creator of Heaven and Earth ๐ŸŒŽ.


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Time Travels

Everyone wants more time, but not everybody know how valuable time is until death reaches them. Time is given to all human being but only few understand how to use time in order to live a productive life styles. Time is a gift of God to Humanity, to keep us ( HUMAN BEING ) in check and balance of reality.

People are born into time, Live in Limbo, and end up dead before they can get more time. Some people beg, steal, commit sins, sell their bodies and souls for more time, that is the curious part of the reality, if such people ever understand the purpose of Time Travel.

God would not prescribe for us ( human beings) something which we could not do because God promised us that HE will not burden any soul with more than it can bear. It might seem as though finding the balance between worship and worldly pleasure is impossible, but we know in our Heart of Hearts that it is Possible if we are willing to use our Time Travel on this planet wisely.

Time has a Great meaning than just counting days and nights, weeks and months, and the rotation of solar and moon calendar for our celebration. Time Travel comes with Divine purpose, so is our journey of life, so do not take time for granted, because time wait for no One .

Take your time to enjoy day by day, spent your time wisely, and take advantage of moments to see love ones, to care and share Love and Respect with compassion, but no matter what happen, do not be afraid of time unless you are not preparing for it. It is a matter of fact that, at any given moment, there is Always something to do, something to love and something to look forward into and it all has to do with time and energy.

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