Change your Brain, Change your life.


please read the list of behaviour and rate yourself,( or the ask someone to evaluate you on each behaviour listed. five or more symptoms marked 3 or indicated a high likelihood of deep limbic problems.

Try to Reflecting and observe your thoughts and behaviour pattern with the following
1. Feelings of sadness
2. Moodiness
3. Negativity
4. Low Energy
6. Decreased interest in others
7.Feelings of helplessness about the future
8.Feeling of helpfulness or powerless
9. Feeling dissatisfied
10. Excessive guilty
11 Suicidal feelings
12. Crying
13.Lowered interest in things usually considered fun
14. Sleep changes too much or too little
15. Appetite changes
16. Low self- esteem
17. Decrease interest in sex
18. Negative sensitivity to smells
19. Forgetfulness
20.Poor concentration.

Please feel free to inbox me if you want to know more about the t behaviour changes in you.

PEACE, LOVE, CARE AND HOPE from your GratitudeQueen

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