The Dreams


A dream can be realized if you attempt to ‘archive’. You got to do your best and conserve, but when the nature calls, you got to observe, and now here I stand looking at my eye, they are small but they can see enormous things. There is a crack in everything, that’s  how the light gets in. Right now, you can be angry, afraid, sad, happy, peaceful, loving and content. These are all emotional state and your choice, so why allow negative experiences and situations maintain needless existence in your life.  You are in control to change or to wait until your situation changes, or to do something to change the situation. Why worry about the things that you can’t change? Leave it behind and move on.

When you look deep at what you consider bad then you will experience something good or discover something better to improve yourself. If you learn to have less expectations (from people) then you will experience less disappointments in life. To free your mind from stress and anxiety, don’t cry over the spilt milk of yesterday, because tomorrow is a gift and mystery; just focus on today, for it’s called the ‘Present’ — as you never can tell what it holds. Be contented with what God has blessed you with and watch God supply you more of all you need. Just remember in every exit, there is an entry to something new. Now that is the reality!



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