• There will come a time in life  when one MUST stand alone
  • You must feel confident enough within yourself to  follow  your  dreams
  • You must be willing to make sacrifices, (right) choices, and or  decisions and promises.
  • You must be capable of changing  and rearranging your priorities;
  • So that the final goal can be achieved and accomplished
  • Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged
  • There is a time when one must take a few extra steps, chances to create, one’s OWN realities…
  • Be strong enough to at least, try to make your OWN life better.
  • Be confident enough that You don’t settle for compromise just to get appreciated.
  • Allow  YOUrself to grow, develop and  locate your true sense of purpose in this Life
  • Don’t stand in someone else’s shadow when it is your sunlight  to shine and lead the way
  • Your life ends the day  you stop dreaming.
  • Hopes end when you stop thinking.
  • Love ends the day you stop caring.
  • Friendship ends when you stop sharing.
  • Free your heart from hatred……….
  • Free your mind  from worries
  • Live simple, expect kess
  • Wake up with happiness and always smile with a warm heart.

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yeah that meee again



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