DO YOU RECALL? — The old man’s Poem from his past.

Do you recall?
1. Do you recall, and you were so smallThe old P.O still standing tall?

The big main car. The first you saw.

Paralysed with fright caused you to fall
Do you remember?

2. A hundred years and you’re still here.
The notes of the memory tuned clear.
The symphony of houses and men and street of voices;
Do You Recall?

3. Do you remember that youngster
Who took the locker off the door
And changed the sound Road to Beacon Lane?
While those who laughed won’t laugh again.

4. Do you recall the golf ‘o’ crats?
Whose sonnets have of aristocrats.
The commonality keep away,
And riffy ready dare tread this way.
Do you recall?

5. Do you remember Charlie Shea?
With hands outstretched who used to say;
“I will fare the land hastening ills a prey
Where wealth accumulates and men delay.”

6. Do you remember Touren Lass?
The man who trudged long miles to mass.
And Danny Tory from Lios
Who spat out you can’t sing to piss.
Do you remember?

7. Do you recall the men, Agreem
And Rossa from skiberren,
A Leahy from the town Neidin,
Who leapt the spikes of Tralee Goal
Fenian, felon banished where?
Do you remember?

8. Do you remember Cromwell’s’ Clump?
The Band Houses and the old town pump?
On Bunkers’ Hill, we off rigged out,
Do you recall?

9. A blessed memory we Recall.
The saddest; Saddest day of all
When Mary Cusack saw a light,
Who journey far  took her into the night.

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