Relaxing Through The Divine Senses.

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Some experiences promote feelings of wonder, gratitude, happiness, accomplishment and calmness. These kind of feelings simply cannot be identified with just one of the five senses. In fact, perhaps it is best said that these experiences cannot even be put into words. Many at times these special moments; these ‘mysteries’ happen when we  tap into all our bodies; I am referring to the deeper power  of the greatness of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell  which  are all part of the ‘Divine Gift senses’ that we use and feel everyday of our life.


Stress is often defined as a perceived disconnection from our divine sources. Although, we never are truly disconnected or separated from from God, but moments of chaos and catastrophies may make it seem as if we are. But for every stressful moment in which we mistakenly believe that we have been divinely abandoned, there are multitudes of moment that remind us that we are never alone. Psychologist Abraham Maslow called these  sensations Peak Experiences, where we know (if) only for some brief moments that we are truly with God. I actually prefer the term Holy Moments to the  powerful mystical experiences in which we use our Divine senses to know that however insignificant we may seem in the ever expanding universe, we are an essential part of it all.

How can the Divine Sense be best explained? As the amazing poet Maya Angelou says in her book, “Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now. I believe that  God is one and we are all connected to God by the spirit of our soul, everywhere we are or go. The Spirit never leaves us, but something our ignorance makes us think God is not there, but for real if we look at our surroundings, we can see the signs of God in our present when we return to our senses.” The Divine Gifts of our senses are to connect and help us with the  recognition that we are always in the presence of GOD, however we conceive it to be.

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 The smile on the face of a young child.

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In addition to realizing our five connections, these senses help us transcend the roadblock that stress puts in front of us. It is interesting to note that when I ask my students this question, What divine experience bring  peace? The answer seems to fall into two categories. Either being  completely alone with God, usually in Nature, or in the company of friends, with the underlying assumptions that the face of God can be found on every single human face.

Coming to a sense of calmness through the Divine senses is very personal undertaking; It is fair to say that no two of these experiences are alike. Reflect for a moment on what you would include to remind yourself  and to cultivate your own personal senses of the Divine in your everyday life. 

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Please let us practice Gratitude and Gratefulness and don’t forget to smile; like, comment, share and follow, for the best is yet to come.


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