All throughout our life, we follow rules and often fall in line, as we try to walk the straight edge of a razor all without falling off.

We are all consumers in our lives. We try to follow meaningless trend in slang, fashion, technology, gossip, and even food. For some people, it’s trying to keep up with the latest trends. It can break the largest bank, and even cause a Psychiatrist to re-analyze his life.

Remember, when you shop for groceries, or sales or deals, ask yourself, are you the hunter, or the prey (?)


Labels are everywhere. And they are on everything. They are hung over us; on our shoes, stitched to our clothings, and even fashionable enough, to be tattooed on our skin. But… why are they there?

When told to read behind, or in between them, you will find nothing. Nothing but emptiness. And if you let yourself be defined by stereotypical, or even racial label, then what are you?

We are all a creation of (One) God. We should not allow possession and labels define our humanity as a whole.

Kindly anticipate the part two of this topic. To be out soon! Till then…



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