The Hunted life – 2

“… death Is the only celebrity everyone is dying to meet… “

Lukmon Idris (Kiteshikiari)

In the game of Life, everyone is just trying his or her best possible to survive.

Everyday, (more than) eight billion people walk around, without a care in the world. They do not know, what await them after their long rides home. When walking on the street, or when alone in the shower, and even while being asleep, we live every second, minute and hour everyday trying to cheat death, as if death was the only option for those who chose it. We refuse to contemplate and reflect on the INEVITABLE and the CERTAINTY OF DEATH.

The Offenders play Checkers. They live their lives day to day, jumping over one another, trying to reach the top of the ladder of success. while we are too busy chasing the materialism and catching up with an entertainment.

The reality of the situation is, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, death is always around the corner and it is a matter of divine decree. Death will creep upon you like the flu. Death is patiently awaiting you….. Death will see you soon!

Sorry people, as much as we all want to talk about exciting things like fashion shows, games and celebrate our favorite club, DEATH is also a part of life process that every human will go through. It’s just like the way everyone was born. So, be prepared for you never

Peace, Love, Hope and Gratitude always from the #GratitudeQueen.

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One thought on “The Hunted life – 2”

  1. I love it Jazakallah khairan!
    The death is more of reality then anything may allah be pleased with us.
    May Allah grant is a righteous death.
    May allah grant us a spacious grave.
    Love You gratitude Queen.


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