I grew up believing I was a good Listener. Although I have become a better listener than I was ten years ago. I have to admit I’m still only adequate Listener. As I grow up I realized that effective Listening is more than simply avoiding my annoying cousin, another thing I discover about the effective Listen is the bad habit of interrupting others while they are speaking or finishing their sentences . The entire thought of listening to someone and waiting patiently to find the content of of someone talk is something I cant not afford to understand fully or be contented with. For example , one day, when I was in a cafe having lunch, eavesdropping on the conversations around me. It seemed to me that, most of us have problem of how to communicate and listen effectively. Our attention span is becoming less and our distraction is increasing with technology. Due to that we are are having hard time listening to one another;


Since then I began to reflect and read more books about effective communication of how to slow down responses and become a better Listener, believe or not it made me to become more peaceful person as time goes by . I also notices that it takes an enormous amount of energy and is very stressful to be sitting in front of someone who I have no interesting in listen to, but I still do it out of respect for a fellow Human being.

In some ways, the way we fail to listen is a symbolic of the way we live. we often treat communication as if it were a race. It’s almost like our goal is to have no time gaps between the conclusion of the sentence of of the person we are speaking with and the beginning of our own. So let us try to change our Listen Habit so that other people can feel comfortable opening to us about anything that can be beneficial. By practicing good Listening habit people will feel safe in slowing down their own response because they wont feel in competition with you for airtime.

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