How to get sunlight brightness in Marriage.

As usual, reading and writing are some of my favorite hobbies, but sometimes when I get distracted, I still manage to read through some pages with less focus. Being consistent and practising something you like and enjoy become a habit, so I try my best possible to keep up with positive habit to improve my well-being. Anyway, I came across something interesting in one of my readings, and I felt it would be cool to share through my blog.

In order for a marriage to be successful, it must first be based on spiritual basis; it must be of the heart. The heart is the the Chalice of love, honestySincerity, and Integrity.

Both partners should be perfectly honest and Sincere with each other. It’s not yet a true marriage when a man marries a woman for her money, social status, or to uplift his own  ego, because all of these indicate a lack of sincerityhonesty and unflinching love. Such a marriage can be catagorically be grouped as a farce, sham, and, or a masquerade.

Let’s just have a quick look at the attached images below:

When a woman says ” I am tired of working: I want to get married because I want security. Her premise is false . She is not using the law of her mind correctly. Her security depends upon her knowledge of the interaction of the conscious and subconscious minds and its application.

I find all of these statements to be true and interesting, because I am a living example of that statement, and I know it may sound controversial, but it’s the fact. ( A woman is not to depend on her husband for health, peace, joyinspiration, guidance, love, wealth, happiness or anything in the world). A man can contribute to a woman’s well-being, but not usually the primary source of this priceless value of human treasure.

Simply by understanding myself depending on my creator to guide and protect me, and uplift my spirit to do the right things at the right time. I am always in good mood with a mind full of positivities, positive attitudes and positive vibes. What is the secret? Always be contented with whatsoever you have. Always express gratitude and you will be grateful for everyone around you, and strive hard to reach your highest potential.

Trust me, you’re unstoppable!

A word to a wise is always Enough..

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