Self-Awareness is the first component of Emotional intelligence which means knowing thyself enough to make the right decision at the right time not because you see it first but because you believe it before you see it. Self- Awareness means having a deep understanding of one’s Emotions, Strength, weakness, Needs, and Drives.. People with strong self Awareness are neither overly critical nor unrealistic hopeful, Rather, they are honest with themselves and with others. People who have a high degree of self -Awareness, do recognizes how their emotions effect their ups and downs moods.

Self- Awareness intelligence can be known from ones understanding of his/her values and goals. Someone who is highly self aware of who he /she is and where is headed to and why, so for example, a person with awareness intelligence, can or will be able to firm in turning down any job offer that is tempting financial but does not fit with his principle or long term goals. A person who lack self-awareness is apt to make decision that bring on inner turmoil by treading on buried values. Also a person with self awareness intelligence build their relationship with meaningfulness and purpose take their responsibility with sincerity and honesty regardless of the circumstance. The decision of Self-Awareness intelligence person match with with his/ her values; consequently, they often work to be energizing.

Such Self knowledge often show itself in all area of life such as financial, emotional, physical, social, Mental. Self Awareness Intelligence people will be frank in admitting their failure in the past and will often tell their tales with smile. One of the hallmarks of self- awareness is a self- deprecating sense of humor. People with low self esteem and awareness are lack of emotional intelligence and are not truthful to themselves and others around them and they like to fake and pretend always by playing different characters around people with behavior and dealings with family members And co-workers and strangers. Another person with high self Awareness will be able to work with a demanding Client. People with self Awareness know their actions affect others and other people can have and impact on their moods for this reasons they have a deep understanding of their anger and frustration. Self- Awareness Intelligence people work with deliberately with Confident, Integrity and Accountability. To BE CONTINUE IN THE NEXT POST

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