One of the major reasons so many of us remain horrid frightened, competitive, and continue to live life as if it were a giant emergency is because of our fear, which we often times, refuse to control. Thereby, caving in for it to control us.

Living in fear will not allow us to become more peaceful and loving toward our own self or others. Fear is an emotional feeling of its own, and it can stop us from achieving our already outlined goals. Remember! It’s also responsible for dragging one to being lazy and apathetic.

Fearful, frantic thinking take an enormous amount of energy and drains the creativity and motivation from our lives. When we become fearful or frantic, we literally Immobilize Ourselves from our greatest potentials, not to mention enjoyment. Please, be aware that any success that we do have is despite our fear, not because of it.

A powerful technique for becoming more peaceful is to be aware of how quickly your negative and insecure thinking can spiral out of control. Have you ever noticed how uptight you feel when your are caught up in your thinking? You will feel absorbed in the detail of whatever is upsetting you, right? Yes! That’s actually one of the worst you feel. One thought leads to another, until at some point, you become incredibly agitated.

For example, you might wake up in the middle of the night and remember a phone call that should be put through someone the following day. Then, rather than feeling relieved that you remembered such an important call, you start thinking about everything else you have to do that same tomorrow. You start rehearsing a probable conversation with someone in your head while the person is not there, that is a waste of your time, energy and creativity. why because, at that moment, the person is not there, but you are, so you can use that time to focus on yourself by reflecting, meditating, reading or visualizing about what you want in life and not what others want, or what you expect they want from you.

In order to get what you want, you need to build your self image and go out to service others, so don’t be agitated when serving others; it could be a family member or stranger; that is how you attract your own success and be a blessing for other people with your love and kindness.

The quarantine period has put many of us in a spot of fear, but we have to truly decide if we really want our fear to control our reality or we want to take control of our fear and decide what direction we want to move toward the unknown Future.

One of the things I learn from this current situation is that, if  you discipline your mind and time wisely with the right strategy, you will not be disappointed about your future lifestyle’s outcome.

Let’s learn to steer clear of our fears and focus more on greater things to come.




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