• Hello, welcome to my page where you learn a little bit more about me! My name is Leila Justice and I am passionate about Personal Development which is about building positive habits and learning to rise up with Confidence and high self Esteem which lead to Self- Actualization
  • As a Positive Strategist and a Counselor. I focus on three things in life, 1.Simplicity, 2.Patient, and 3.Compassion which to me is the greatest Treasure in life.
  • I was raised in a traditional family of religiosity, but as I travel and move to the city, I lost the tradition and start to focus on city hyper lifestyles until reality hits me with fear and doubt of who I am? After hitting a rocky bottom, I discovered the value of Personal Development which added a lot of value in my lifestyles .
  • Through the power of Personal Development I develop a sense of Gratitude, I learn to be thankful, appreciative and I am Grateful that I have faith, keep an open mind, become optimistic and surround myself with positive people which leads me to Social Entrepreneurship
  • I scale side businesses in the meantime. I’m passionate about helping others with a positive impact so I’m looking to start my non-profits in the near future. My goal is to connect and exchange value in communities, Domestic and Global by fighting poverty and strengthening the community services in our society.
  • My upcoming project is about Gratitude Youth, which is something I have passion for in investing in the upcoming young generation’s productivity and creativity empowering them about how to live a balanced quality lifestyle with Mindfulness, Awareness and Gratitude.
  • GratitudeQueen,## GratitudeYouth,## Mindfulness and ##Awareness, feel free to reach me vial email paradisedaizy@gmail.com
  • “The purpose of Human life is to serve (Simplicity), show love and care in small and big things (Compassion) and the will to help others( Patience)then happiness will forever be in your Heart and Mind”

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