Relaxing Through The Divine Senses.

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Some experiences promote feelings of wonder, gratitude, happiness, accomplishment and calmness. These kind of feelings simply cannot be identified with just one of the five senses. In fact, perhaps it is best said that these experiences cannot even be put into words. Many at times these special moments; these ‘mysteries’ happen when we  tap into all our bodies; I am referring to the deeper power  of the greatness of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell  which  are all part of the ‘Divine Gift senses’ that we use and feel everyday of our life.


Stress is often defined as a perceived disconnection from our divine sources. Although, we never are truly disconnected or separated from from God, but moments of chaos and catastrophies may make it seem as if we are. But for every stressful moment in which we mistakenly believe that we have been divinely abandoned, there are multitudes of moment that remind us that we are never alone. Psychologist Abraham Maslow called these  sensations Peak Experiences, where we know (if) only for some brief moments that we are truly with God. I actually prefer the term Holy Moments to the  powerful mystical experiences in which we use our Divine senses to know that however insignificant we may seem in the ever expanding universe, we are an essential part of it all.

How can the Divine Sense be best explained? As the amazing poet Maya Angelou says in her book, “Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now. I believe that  God is one and we are all connected to God by the spirit of our soul, everywhere we are or go. The Spirit never leaves us, but something our ignorance makes us think God is not there, but for real if we look at our surroundings, we can see the signs of God in our present when we return to our senses.” The Divine Gifts of our senses are to connect and help us with the  recognition that we are always in the presence of GOD, however we conceive it to be.

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 The smile on the face of a young child.

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In addition to realizing our five connections, these senses help us transcend the roadblock that stress puts in front of us. It is interesting to note that when I ask my students this question, What divine experience bring  peace? The answer seems to fall into two categories. Either being  completely alone with God, usually in Nature, or in the company of friends, with the underlying assumptions that the face of God can be found on every single human face.

Coming to a sense of calmness through the Divine senses is very personal undertaking; It is fair to say that no two of these experiences are alike. Reflect for a moment on what you would include to remind yourself  and to cultivate your own personal senses of the Divine in your everyday life. 

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The Duality of The Human Mind

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We have only one brain, but our brain possesses two distinctive characteristics. The line of demarcation between the two is well known to all thinking men and women today. The function of the brain is essential. Each is endowed with separate and unique attributes and powers. The general term used to distinguish the two functions of our brain is called the objective and subjective. Kindly note all of these! 



The conscious and subconscious:

An excellent way to get acquainted with the function of our mind is to look upon our own brain as a garden.  We are all  Gardners and we are sowing seeds ( thoughts) in our subconscious mind all day long, based on our habitual thinking; we bury seeds in our subconscious mind.

Subconscious does not argue with you, it accepts and follows what the conscious mind decrees; so shall we reap in our body and environment.

Begin now to sow thoughts of peace, happiness, right action, goodwill and prosperity. Think quietly and with interest in these qualities, and accept them fully in your conscious, reasoning mind.  We have to continue to plant this wonderful seeds (thoughts) in the garden of our mind, and we will surely reap a glorious harvest.   Our subconscious may be likened to the soil, which will grow all kind of seeds, good or bad.  In every thought, there is a cause, and every condition surely has an effect. For this reason, it is essential that we take charge of our thoughts so as to bring forth the only desirable way to reach our destination.

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When our mind thinks correctly, when we understand the truth, when the thoughts deposited in our subconscious mind are constructive,  harmonious and peaceful, the magic working power of our subconscious will respond and bring about the harmonious condition, agreeable surroundings and the best of everything. When we begin to control our ‘Thinking Process’, we can apply the power of our subconscious to solve any problem or difficulties we are being faced with (right now). Let us all try to choose a healthy, happy and abundant life. 


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I have a history of making decisions very quickly about men. I have always fallen in Love fast and without measuring the risks. I have a tendency not to only see the best in everyone, but assume that everyone is emotionally capable of reaching his highest potential.

I have fallen in Love more times than I care to count with the highest of a man, rather than with the man himself, then I have hung on to the relationship for a long time, sometimes far too long, waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in Romance I have been a victim of my own optimism, and that’s the ugly truth about my reality. 

I married young and quick, from a place of love and hope, without a lot of discussion over what the realities of marriage would mean. Nobody actually advised me on my marriage.  I had been raised by my parents to be independent, self-proving and self- decisive. By the time I reached the age of twenty-four, it was assumed by everyone that I could make all my own choices autonomously, of course, the world was not always like this. If I’d been born during any century of the western patriarch, I would have been considered the property of my father until the  time he passed me over to my husband to become marital property. 

I would have had precious little say in the major matter of my own life. At one time in history, if a man had been my suitor, my father might have sat that man down with a long list of questions to establish whether it would be an approperity match. He would have wanted to know, How will you provide for my daughter? What is your reputation in this community? How is your Health? Where will you take her to live? What are your debt and your Assets? What is the strength of your character? My father would not have just given me away in marriage to anybody for the mere fact that  I was in love with a fellow.

But in the modern life, when I made the decision to marry, my modern father didn’t become involved at all. He would have no more interfered with that decision than he would have told me how to style my hair;  and what I  have come to realize is that, in a patriarchic system, I have to be extremely careful and protective of myself, then I need to become my own father and also to challenge myself to become my own husband.

  • This is a passage from one of the books that I am currently reading, which I found interesting…

Eat, Pray, and Love by Elizabeth 


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DO YOU RECALL? — The old man’s Poem from his past.

Do you recall?
1. Do you recall, and you were so smallThe old P.O still standing tall?

The big main car. The first you saw.

Paralysed with fright caused you to fall
Do you remember?

2. A hundred years and you’re still here.
The notes of the memory tuned clear.
The symphony of houses and men and street of voices;
Do You Recall?

3. Do you remember that youngster
Who took the locker off the door
And changed the sound Road to Beacon Lane?
While those who laughed won’t laugh again.

4. Do you recall the golf ‘o’ crats?
Whose sonnets have of aristocrats.
The commonality keep away,
And riffy ready dare tread this way.
Do you recall?

5. Do you remember Charlie Shea?
With hands outstretched who used to say;
“I will fare the land hastening ills a prey
Where wealth accumulates and men delay.”

6. Do you remember Touren Lass?
The man who trudged long miles to mass.
And Danny Tory from Lios
Who spat out you can’t sing to piss.
Do you remember?

7. Do you recall the men, Agreem
And Rossa from skiberren,
A Leahy from the town Neidin,
Who leapt the spikes of Tralee Goal
Fenian, felon banished where?
Do you remember?

8. Do you remember Cromwell’s’ Clump?
The Band Houses and the old town pump?
On Bunkers’ Hill, we off rigged out,
Do you recall?

9. A blessed memory we Recall.
The saddest; Saddest day of all
When Mary Cusack saw a light,
Who journey far  took her into the night.

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I love to be with you,

To gaze into your beautiful eyes.

I want to be with you every day, and hold you close in the morning when you arise.

I never knew the meaning of happiness, until I met you.

I never knew the beauty of the words, “I love you”, not until you came into my life. 

Some might say our love is all wrong, but I’m certain they’ve never heard the rhythm of our song.

I’m happily lost to the sweet dreams of you, as I imagine our days ahead.

When you entered my life, your bright light shone on me so sternly that all the darkness in my heart swiftly fled.

And now I look forward to every sunset I’ll spend in your company. 

And I want you to know that

Every memory of you will be

A gift I’ll always treasure and keep.

I want to be with you for the rest of my life, and hold you tight

Every night when you close your eyes to sleep

I wish my eyes could spill what my heart feels for you ‘coz my lips would surely under-serve. 

 But it is the TRUTH! My  eyes can’t..cuz even when I close them… I still see you.

Your touch is so magical that it fills up my sense and I feel my heart singing. 

I liked you, I LIkE you, I liked you, I like you… 

Your presence we miss, your memories we forever treasure. 

Loving you always, forgetting you never.

Animals say ‘beat us not’, flowers say ‘touch us not’, trees say ‘cut us not’ 

I  say, ‘FORGET ME NOT’. 



Long years have gone since I dreamt of my perfect Life and Living,

My own home in my hometown reserves renown

I claim that title too, down memory lane.

Good news  proclaims, old Friends are still so grey

Those I loved best, whose laugh and jest, revive my youthful days. 

I speed my rhymes back to the time; each one of us was way  young

My thoughts of you, my Love, which my heart truly yearns for,

Begging you to come back to me, because I have built a home

Which is a vale of my heart, your heart, I mean our Hearts. 

Each year, I swear I find myself there with lonesome praise of a true love

If fate would have consented to go through life with contentment, happiness and successes without any pain, then I will demand a safely dream for you, my LOVE



We all have dreams. Dreams make us appreciate existence and strive for more. Once we achieve certain dreams, they become reality, they become like every other day, they lose their magic. We start to chase new dreams we need to chase over and over again. We need to have goals in life, to move forward and to have something valuable to strive toward.

What do you do to make your dreams a reality? There is no overnight success;  you have to work hard and be disciplined. Step-by-step, you will reach your dreams if you really want to. These 8 little habits will help you with the chase, taking you one step closer, day by day.

1. Set goals: dreams are dreams, but to make them real, you need tangible goals. Set up goals and stick to them. These don’t have to be revolutionary or game-changing goals, even small goals help you to get closer to your final destination. Let them be milestones you need to accomplish over a certain time. Once you do accomplish a goal, set a new one until your mission is complete and you start to chase a new dream.

2. Take action every day: Whatever your dream might be, act on it every day. If your dream is to be a professional football player, then practice every single day. If you want to be a guitarist, play every day. If you want to be a writer, you should write every day. All dreams demand passion and hard work. You will gradually get better and better at what you do, and you will come closer to your dream without even realizing it.

3. Schedule time to focus: Block time for your dreams and goals. Don’t let others steal this scheduled time — protect it. Set it aside and use it to meet your goals and work on your dreams. You need focus and discipline — every time you get distracted, you fall behind and have to start over. Practice extreme focus during this time. Turn off all other distractions.

4. Read and listen: Read books, blogs, and articles. Listen to ‘reasonable’ podcasts and interviews. Try to read or listen to something valuable each morning while you eat breakfast or work out. Preferably, read success stories about others who achieved similar dreams to yours. You will gain crucial knowledge, and the stories will motivate you every day and help you  BECOME   A BETTER PERSON.image-2

The Story of Reiki: the unforgetting secret of meditation

REIKI is a laying-hands-on of touch healing system of the incomparable ease and power.  The story of Reiki began in the 1800s,  and it’s  a traditional practice of ancient Japanese for healing and taking the stress out of the body.  Research has shown that Reiki is part of every one of us, it was universal and never meant to be lost in history.

Children of early Earth, in the civilization, called Mu today, practice Reik level one training at the beginning of grade school,  but its teachings spread through india to the west.

As the practice of Reiki spread around the globe, the concepts of Reiki techniques include visualization, initiation, meditative and spiritual healing involving mind and emotions, and the body forms, and also requires complete dedication for many years.

Endeavour to make your personal research on the therapeutic REIKI to learn more.



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Secret and mysteries of “RIVERDALE”

The original Wave  Hill house was built in the mid-19th century and bought in 1903 by politician and businessman George Perkins, who added and renovated a few building to accommodate his family and guests. An array of political and cultural celebrities stayed at various times, including Theodore Roosevelt’s family, Mark Twain and Arturo Toscannini.

The park is one of Riverdale best-known landmarks, a 28-acre estate on a Hill along the Hudson River, with a Historic mansion and landscaped lawns overlooking the waterway and New Jersey Palisades. Sometimes described by its employees and fans as Horticultural and Artistic and a gem in the Riverdalians’own backyard, the park offers chamber Music and jazz concern in the summer, performed amid flower Garden.  It draws people from the neighbourhood and far beyond, who come in to walk or sit on the grass, read a book in the shade of a tree, admire the Sunset and the Views.

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