New Strength, New Life, New Courage for the Super 2018

Change Your Brain, Change Your  “LIFE”

  • Change your Brain, change your life is a pioneering Book, that gives me a vibe of positive thinking and using a willpower to change any habit you want to change in your life at any age of your life. Dr Amen provides clear and convincing evidence that many behaviour disorders formerly considered psychological actual have a biological basis. Through the lens of exciting new brain imaging techniques, you can see what depression, anxiety, temper, impulsiveness, and obsession actual look like in the brain, Dr Amen gives many practical suggestions for overcoming these problems, and gives many tools for optimizing the brain and improving life.
  • Your  Brain is the hardware of your soul and it is the hardware of your very essence as a Human being, you cannot be who you really want to be unless your brain works right. How your brain works determine how happy you are as a person in your everyday activities.  How effective you feel towards your daily responsibilities and how your interactions with others. Your Brain pattern either help you to be active in your productivity or hurt you with your marriage, parenting skills, working life abilities and religious beliefs because there is a very strong connection between your Spiritual Health and Mental  Health, along with the experience of pleasure and pain as we grow into adults. Setting Goals for Spiritual, success and stability of the soul, Mental success and maintenance, Emotional happiness and Love connection, Physical strength and productivity, and Social accomplishment and leadership.

The Purpose of GratutiteQueen Blog


My Blog is about fours things that bring Meaningfulness to Life.

  • I have four things to teach, spread and raise awareness.
  • One- Simplicity
  • Two- Patient
  • Three- Compassion.
  • Four Motivations/ Inspiration
  •  Wisdom, Compassion, and Courage are the Three Universal Recognition Moral Qualities of Men.


Persoanl Development

This is the post excerpt.

DUCK“It is in your moment of decision that your destiny is Shaped.”


This definitely solidifies the fact that in the great end in life, it is not just  about the  knowledge acquired that gives one dignity, but the actions that one takes and implement with belief and conviction that make the greatest difference.