Dream in Times (Dreams of Reality and a Dreams of sleeping)





          A dream can be realized if you attempt to archive.  You got to do your best and conserve but when the nature calls, you got to observe and now here I stand looking at my eye, they are small but they can see enormous things. There is a crack in everything, that how the light gets in. Right now, you can be angry, afraid, sad, happy, and peaceful, love and content. It is your emotional state and your choice, so why allow negatives experience and situation to maintain needles existence in life.  You are in control to change or to wait until your situation change or to do something to change the situation. Why worry about the things that you can’t change, leave it behind and move on. When you look deep at what you consider bad then you will experience something good or discover something better to improve yourself. If you learn to have less expectation then you will experience less disappointments in life. To free your mind from stress and anxiety, don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is a gift and mystery. Be content with what God has blessed you with and God will supply you more all you need, just remember in every exit there is an entry to something new. Now that is the reality.




The Story of Reiki, the unforgeting secrets of meditation

Reiki is a laying hands on of touch healing system of the incomparable ease and power.  The story of Reiki begins the 1800s  and it a traditional practice of ancient Japanese for healing and taking the stress out of the body.  research has shown that Reiki is part of every one of us, it was universal and never meant to be lost in history. children of early Earth, in the civilization, call Mu today, practice Reik level one training at the beginning of grade school,  but it’s teaching spread thru Indian to the west.  As the practice of Reiki spread around the globe, the concepts of Reiki techniques include visualization, initiation, meditative and spiritual healing involving mind and emotions and the body forms and it requires complete dedication for many years.

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Secret and mysteries of “RIVERDALE”

The original Wave  Hill house was built in the mid-19th century and bought in 1903 by politician and businessman George Perkins, who added and renovated a few building to accommodate his family and guests. An array of political and cultural celebrities stayed at various times, including Theodore Roosevelt’s family, Mark Twain and Arturo Toscannini.

The park is one of Riverdale best-known landmarks, a 28-acre estate on a Hill along the Hudson River, with a Historic mansion and landscaped lawns overlooking the waterway and New Jersey Palisades. Sometimes described by its employees and fans as Horticultural and Artistic and a gem in the Riverdalians’own backyard, the park offers chamber Music and jazz concern in the summer, performed amid flower Garden.  It draws people from the neighbourhood and far beyond, who come in to walk or sit on the grass, read a book in the shade of a tree, admire the Sunset and the Views.

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In order to be Successful in this World, we need to have clearly defined goals. We need to know who we are and what we want to accomplish in our relationships, at work, and within ourselves. When we know what we want to, we are more likely to change our behaviour. Being goal-directed help keep our behaviour on track. Understanding and developing an ability to stay focus will help and guide your thoughts and forward Thinking of the future in a better visionary waycropped-st.jpg. Let us try to strengthen our consciousness by gaining the understanding of the function of prefrontal cortex. IN BOX ME IF YOU NEED HELP. Love, Care and Hope from Your GratitudeQueen.