Secret and mysteries of “RIVERDALE”

The original Wave  Hill house was built in the mid-19th century and bought in 1903 by politician and businessman George Perkins, who added and renovated a few building to accommodate his family and guests. An array of political and cultural celebrities stayed at various times, including Theodore Roosevelt’s family, Mark Twain and Arturo Toscannini.

The park is one of Riverdale best-known landmarks, a 28-acre estate on a Hill along the Hudson River, with a Historic mansion and landscaped lawns overlooking the waterway and New Jersey Palisades. Sometimes described by its employees and fans as Horticultural and Artistic and a gem in the Riverdalians’own backyard, the park offers chamber Music and jazz concern in the summer, performed amid flower Garden.  It draws people from the neighbourhood and far beyond, who come in to walk or sit on the grass, read a book in the shade of a tree, admire the Sunset and the Views.

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In order to be Successful in this World, we need to have clearly defined goals. We need to know who we are and what we want to accomplish in our relationships, at work, and within ourselves. When we know what we want to, we are more likely to change our behaviour. Being goal-directed help keep our behaviour on track. Understanding and developing an ability to stay focus will help and guide your thoughts and forward Thinking of the future in a better visionary waycropped-st.jpg. Let us try to strengthen our consciousness by gaining the understanding of the function of prefrontal cortex. IN BOX ME IF YOU NEED HELP. Love, Care and Hope from Your GratitudeQueen.


Birthday Reflections
It makes you sick to think that you’ve marked another year, that every worries,every strife, every challenges, every delight, every breath, every day was leading to this moment and now you make it and you ‘ve celebrating it with one little candle and denying it at the same time that is because 99% of our beliefs we have stored in our mind are noting but lies of the inaccurate transition of the past and future,and we suffer because we believe getting OLD is ugly but we need to recreate our vision and practices Gratitude and Appreciation of the best moment of our life. ALLAH ( GOD) IS FULL OF LOVE AND MERCY JUST NEED TO FEEL IT.
Peace, Love, Care and Hope from Your GratitudeQueen.